Hilliard, Florida’s Jackson Equipment offers the best grapple and loader truck custom-order design/build metal fabricator

Our customers tell us when they are asked where the best grapple truck resource is for a custom-designed truck on their selected chassis, they tell them to call us at Jackson Equipment. We also understand that preparing for future operations post-disasters is critical, so we are ready to work with you so you are more than prepared, you lead the way.

Located in Nassau County, just North of Jacksonville, FL, we pride ourselves on designing and building custom grapple loader trucks. We offer everything from parts and service to complete truck packages and everything in between. We will mount on your new or used chassis or help find one for you. We work with local truck dealers, including Mack, Peterbilt and Kenworth or can work with your truck dealer.

We’ve designed and built grapple trucks for over 20 years – let us design yours!

We specialize in designing grapple trucks for loading just about everything – you name it! We are experts in hydraulics and stand by our designs for your specialty business, including forestry, waste, rail, scrap and recycling.

We can configure an efficient and effective loader body system for your industry – and give you referrals to support our hard work. We have the equipment or can get whatever you need, so we become your primary resource for sales and service, too. We’re a trusted name in the industry, and we look forward to your call.

Kenworth Grapple Truck with 24ft dump bed and new Rotobec elite 910 loader

Mack Tandem Axle Grapple Truck with 24 ft dump bed

Mack Triaxle Grapple Truck with 24ft dump bed

Peterbilt, Triaxle Grapple Truck with 24ft dump bed and new Rotobec elite 910 loader

Rearview of 24ft dump bed with Jackson Equipment exclusive air latch system